Great opportunity for HVAC Manufacturers

Breezi Smart Controller for Heat Pumps & Air-Conditioners is tailor-made to enter the world of smart heating and cooling. Manufacturers can join hands with Cielo to launch their own Smart Heat Pumps/Air-Conditioners to stay ahead in the industry and boost their revenues.

Breezi enables users to benefit from unlimited control of their Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps, scheduling and usage tracking for enhanced efficiency and savings. Partnering with Cielo means reduced time to market, greater customer loyalty, reduced threat of substitutes, competitive edge over conventional product manufacturers and most importantly the upwards surge in sales.

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Powerful Scheduling

Breezi provides a powerful scheduling functionality where user can schedule their ACs / Heat Pumps as per desired settings and time.

Lower Energy Bills

Users can save up to 20% on their energy bills by using Cielo’s intelligent machine learning and predictive energy saving algorithms.

Usage Statistics

Breezi provides complete usage audit of your connected ACs / Heat Pumps on Cielo Home App keeping you aware of your usage behaviors and helps you achieve your saving goals.

Location sensing for automated controls

Location sensing feature helps to trigger AC / Heat Pump functions based on your location. A certain range (for example 2km) can be set as a geo-fence. Entering and exiting the geo-fence will trigger AC / Heat Pump functions as specified.

Weather integration

Breezi learns outside environment to control your AC / Heat Pump automatically in relation to environment, your heating / cooling preferences and optimal efficiency of connected appliance. Suppose your Heat Pump is set on 20 degrees Celsius and it starts raining outside and temperature falls. Breezi will automatically adjust the temperature accordingly.

Heat Pump automatically turned ON.

Temperature adjusted through Scheduling.

Temperature adjusted automatically through Weather Integration Algorithm.

Heat Pump Turned OFF through Scheduling.

6:00 PM

Pre-Warm your home

Breez's intelligent Location Sensing functionality will sense your location and pre-warm your home when you are about to arrive.

A comfortable environment to welcome you home.

10:00 PM

Schedule your Sleep

Schedule your Heat Pump to provide you a comfortable environment during sleep.

Create a perfect sleep environment.

3:00 AM

Sensing the outside weather

Snowy weather outside. Breez senses the weather and adjusts the temperature automatically.

Regardless of the weather outside, home environment is always cozy.

7:00 AM

Hello Sunshine

Heat pump automatically turns off through scheduling to help you wake-up in morning and save energy.

Collective Control

Control a group of ACs / Heat Pumps from a centralized location with one touch.

How it works

Powerful Scheduling

Schedule all your ACs / Heat Pumps and monitor the behavior.

How it works

Detailed Analytics

Get more detailed insights about all the connected ACs / Heat Pumps through Enterprise Application.

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